Client Testimonials

"To Allie Reznik of Chatham University, we offer our gratitude for her work on the formatting, bibliography, and citations."

- From the Acknowledgements of Lynne Bruckner and Dan Brayton's edited collection Ecocritical Shakespeare (Ashgate, 2011)

"When I finished writing a draft personal statement for medical school transfer, I knew that I needed someone to look at what I had so far. I needed someone who would look at my statement objectively and point to where my strengths and weakness were. So of course I asked Allie, my Chatham sister, to assist. Even though she was extremely busy with other important tasks in her life, she took the time to look over my personal statement and give me feedback. Having known me for years, Allie was able to give me suggestions that allowed me to get my personality and passion across in the statement. With her valuable input, I was able to perfect my personal statement. I look forward to working with her on other projects in the future!"


"While applying for the Athletic Graduate Assistantship Position at Duquesne, I wrote a cover letter and wanted a fresh set of eyes to review it before I submitted my application. I asked Allie to review the letter because (1) I had previously read some of her writing and was impressed by her eloquent style, and (2) she had teaching experience so I knew she would provide constructive feedback. Allie responded promptly with detailed, easy-to-follow feedback that helped me express my ideas more clearly and made my ideas more concrete. The cover letter was greatly improved after I worked with Allie and she is the first person I would hire if I needed help revising another writing piece."